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11 Life is Hard


Life Is Hard.  That’s why no one survives. We FEEL this!!! “When you’re watching your baby son die, or your...

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Improvement johann

09 Passionate Creators: Improvement


WIN or LEARN… Hooray!! If you have this attitude, you have built, or are building, your business on seeing a...

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Passion marek-piwnicki-ZmSsO0lpjZI-unsplash

08 Are You Pursuing Your Passion?


Or Is your Passion Pursuing YOU! Sure, there are some people who are in business to make a buck. A...

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03 What is your first response to Change?


In business, having the right information at the right time can help us overcome the spinning projectiles of changes in...

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02 Does your “Why” matter?


What was your motivation for becoming a business owner? Do you know how that motivation impacts your business today? Business...

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01 How is your Attitude today?


We laugh because we know this is SOO true! We sometimes miss that the reverse is also true.  Successful attitude...

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