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01 How is your Attitude today?


We laugh because we know this is SOO true!

We sometimes miss that the reverse is also true.  Successful attitude management, regardless of the circumstances around us, can make us a success even before we reach our goals. In the end, this can increase our actual chances of success. Maybe not a miracle but, possibly, a self-fulfilling prophecy nonetheless.

We try our hardest to win, be successful, and earn respect.  Yet so often, we focus our efforts on things that are so very temporary.  We each also have a consistent area over which we are responsible, a dominion over which we reign. As children, we were responsible for our toys and clothes.  As we grew, we learned to care for our rooms and books.  Even then, we could also choose our attitude.

What is the difference between a “failure” attitude and one that is considered a success?  Business management articles often call this trait “positivity”.  No, that does NOT mean “I positively know that I will fail!”  Using an example from Idowu Koyenikan’s TEDx talk, positivity would be seeing the word “impossible” and viewing it as “I’m possible”.  But that is not usually our first response to challenges.

Maintaining a successful attitude of positivity does not happen in thirty seconds flat!  But there are some effective steps you can take right now.  An ancient book states “Giving thanks for all things” and “in every thing”.  Some respond that they can be thankful for the challenge, but not while they are in the thick of it.  Others say they can be thankful in the middle of a mess, but they won’t be thankful for the mess.  Like the hawkers at the carnivals used to say, “Great try, but no cigar!”

Being thankful in all things and for all things means that right now, this minute, we can choose how we think about the circumstances, people, and challenges in our lives.  We can choose whether we will dwell on the negative or on the positive.  We can even choose to be thankful for them in the midst of all the mess.  Being thankful right this minute for all things and in all things is a great first step towards a successful attitude.  If we learn to actively capture our thoughts and choose to replace them with thankful, encouraging, successful thoughts, it will change not only our attitudes but also our lives and our businesses.

Those who have developed this skill have a much greater opportunity to succeed in whatever they pursue.  We look for this in the people we train and work with.  We hope to model it ourselves as we establish relationships.

One fast way to improve our attitude is to remove the little things that take up valuable space in our thought lives. At Quader Books, we help our clients do this every day by taking care of the mundane tasks of bookkeeping, so they can focus on the greater objectives of scaling, creativity, and revenue development.

If our team could help you elevate your attitude, so you can achieve greater success, we would love to chat with you.


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