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08 Are You Pursuing Your Passion?



Is your Passion Pursuing YOU!

Sure, there are some people who are in business to make a buck. A growling stomach is a great motivator. But we have lived in a land of luxury.  Survival may be an instigator, but passion is the driving factor for building a successful business. In fact, Larry Chestor, President of CFO Simplified, believes there are three main reasons people start a business, and they all begin with passion: a passion for a product, a passion for people they want to serve, or a passion for a process, a channel of distribution.

Yet, about a third of the owners of failed businesses said that one of the contributing reasons was that they had no passion. Why, in this land of prosperity, even now, would we lose a passion that was so deep that we devoted our time, effort, and funds to it?

There are so many unique answers to that, but most come down to one basic thing: we let passion rule our lives. Rather than taking the time to plan, understand our strengths, and delegate the rest, to take care of our health and relationships, we forged ahead driven by passion.  We forgot that we are to love people, not a product, not a service, not a process.

When we neglect to manage even the passion, the mission, whatever it is that drives us, it will want our all.  It can become our first love, our only love, and threaten all our relationships.  It can take everything from us.  It can even suck the passion right out of us.

Why did you start your business?  What was your passion? Are you letting it control your life or are you managing it effectively?

Often the hardest lesson in life to learn is that before we can manage anything or anyone else effectively, we must first learn to manage our own selves.

“If you want to work 160 hours a week, don’t delegate. But you are going to crash and burn.” John Baldoni

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